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Hispanic Heritage month may have come and gone, but the subject is always top of mind for me — especially since Experiences For Mankind is a female- and Hispanic-led agency. In the spirit of better late than never, I thought I would share my perspective on what my heritage means to me and how it influences everything I do.

Both of my parents immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico in their early years. Those who know me well understand how much my father’s story influences me today. As one of ten siblings he came here hoping for greater ways to support his family. Even with a limited education and language barrier, he persevered to create opportunities. Not just for our family, but everyone around him. My father’s selflessness led to a type of success that an immigrant dreams of when coming to this country.

Javier Jose Iiguez as a child and teenager in Tijuana B.C.

He mastered his craft and forged a path to success by starting then eventually selling a business that supported the well-being of so many people. His service to others and his community has been an inspiration as I forge my own path in life and professional career. Hard work, dedication, and a determination to succeed in servitude of others are qualities instilled in me by my father, mother, and the rich history of our family here in the U.S. and south of the border.

Javier Jose Iñiguez, my grandfather Antoñio Iñiguez, and me Javier Iñiguez

These stories guide my actions as a son, father, husband, friend, colleague, mentor, and partner at Experiences For Mankind. As a leader, I strive to connect my family’s values with our agency’s culture. Opportunity. Inclusivity. Trust. Support. These ideals create an environment for everyone to be themselves and succeed regardless of where they come from.

Be Good. Do Good.

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