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This Caught Our Eye | Vol 1

Ever wonder what strategic creative agencies are sharing amongst each other? This is a monthly behind-the-scenes look at the things that got us looking, chatting, and thinking you’d find just as interesting.

How Niche Communities on TikTok Are Rewriting Mainstream Culture
As we’re experiencing a generation coming-of-age, cultural focus is shifting from fitting in to now embracing the unique. Now niche subcultures are usurping the few elite trendsetters at the top. Brands should find synergy with communities and operate comfortable in the broader cultural environments.

Taylor Swift Fandom Is Almost a True Metaverse
Swift’s recent album release proves metaverse successes will require community and culture — not just technology. And we couldn’t help but wonder… are Swifties building their own metaverse?

Why Gen Z wants to be brand co-creators
Gen Z wants to be involved in cultural, participatory moments with brands. Co-creation is key to building a lasting brand with them. This means brands need to get comfortable with being a collaborative facilitator — essentially moving through an ongoing process in building your brand with them.

How an empowered creator economy is challenging marketers
Influencers are now trusted sources, but partnering with them requires new budgetary changes and considerations, as well as liability risks. Fortunately, micro- or nano- influencers offer a chance to intersect niche audiences with higher odds of relating to them.

Inside Nike’s New ‘Rise’ Concept Shop in Miami
The fourth North American Nike concept store to open, includes online-to-offline experiences from locally inspired digital content to bringing the online customization experience, Nike By You, to the retail footprint.

271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book
This entire book from 1692 is available to view online — you may just discover a new favorite hue.

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