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Ever wonder what strategic creative agencies are sharing amongst each other? This is a monthly behind-the-scenes look at the things that got us looking, chatting, and thinking you’d find just as interesting.

12 AI Websites That Will Blow Your Mind
This week, more than any week before, has put AI Services on a platform — as Microsoft and Google spar over search trends, other companies have been working on new AI services for years. From image generators to voice over to hosted video production and even memes, our creative world is shifting.

Corporate Festivals Win Over Young Staff
“Festivalization” has officially hit corporate life. For those who have this style of get-togethers in their company culture, there has been overwhelmingly positive feedback. Incorporating music, art, and yes — even planning sessions — means professional development no longer needs to be stuck in the four walls of a conference room.

The hero(ine) who invented Lorem Ipsum may never be known.
You likely use it reguarly and have certainly seen it in unlikely places when it’s been overlooked — but have you ever considered where Lorem Ipsum originated? We won’t spoil the outcome. And know you have more alternatives these days like Delorean Ipsum, Pirate Ipsum, and even Cheese Ipsum.

AI Visual Translation from FlawlessAI
Yes, AI circulated our airwaves a lot this month, and this example did not go unnoticed. We know the costly struggle in editing to create video variations to meet many needs like localization and cultural sensitivities editing. Here comes AI to the rescue in a really powerful way.

Female, minority representation rising in ad and marketing sectors
The Association of National Advertisers reports that we’ve (finally) made progress increasing representation of women and minorities in the marketing and advertising industries. We recommend digging into the stats here and know that there is more work to do. Don’t take the foot off the pedal, people.

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