We painted a future

full of possibilities

with Tribridge.

Tribridge logo

The definition of a breakthrough.

Tribridge specialized in unlocking the full potential of businesses through digital transformation. But looking out at the enterprise software market, the brand felt a sense of déjà vu. Everyone else was saying the same things in the same way. Ahead of one of their most important selling seasons, Tribridge would have to transform their own message to break through the noise.

EFM developed a campaign that compelled audiences to visualize “What can be. Done.” Building on the existing Tribridge brand, our team introduced original illustrations and color explorations to deliver a fresh, re-energized expression of the company’s key offerings. Deemed not only a success, but one of the brand’s favorite projects to date, our work helped Tribridge show and prove the power of digital transformation.


Channel Strategy, Web & Digital Design, Content & Messaging, User Generated Content, Social Media Integration, Platform Development, Tracking & Analytics, Tradeshow Design

With sights set on C-suite and director level audiences, EFM launched a multi-touch campaign complete with display ads, landing pages, drip emails, event installations, social media, and printed sales collateral.

Illustrating the
complete picture.

A roadmap for
every possibility.

Knowing the campaign would continue to live on well past its initial push, our team supplied a campaign playbook to ensure consistency across any additional elements, especially those developed outside the agency.

For companies like Tribridge, digital transformation begins taking shape on the sales floor. Adapting our new visuals and messaging for three-dimensional spaces, we designed an interactive tradeshow booth to introduce the campaign at national industry events.

Taking the
show on the road.