We illustrated a world

made safer by Lytx.

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Paving the way for safer driving.

Lytx was on a mission: to make the road safer for fleet businesses and their drivers. With decades of expertise and their innovative DriveCam®, the leader in fleet safety technology constantly evolved their offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. This was great for clients. Not so much for sales and marketing teams trying to speak consistently to the brand and its solutions. Entrusted with getting everyone reading from the same script, EFM helped Lytx tell the right stories in the right way—even as those stories continue to shift—so they can close deals with potential clients at every turn


Content & Messaging, Print Collateral, Video Production, Motion Production Illustration, Brand Toolkit, Graphic Design

As Lytx geared up to launch their revamped product portfolio, EFM jumped on the opportunity to build a solid foundation for the brand. Our team laid out an ownable visual identity along with cohesive messaging, staying flexible to accommodate new product developments and details that were still in flux. The resulting creative framework, which included a library of re-useable illustrated assets for video, print, web, and more, equipped Lytx to present a unified front across all touch points

Moving in a new direction.

Animating solutions.

Showing is always better than telling. With this in mind, we produced a collection of videos to introduce the new Lytx portfolio and sell it in with the right audiences. First we defined a unique illustrated style for the brand. Then we scripted, storyboarded, and animated an entire suite, ranging from vertical-centric overviews to deep-dives into individual solutions and their features. Poring over each frame and every word of VoiceOver, we made sure viewers would come away with a clear understanding of the value of Lytx.

Print collateral was essential for the Lytx sales team. Building on our established foundation, we developed materials tailored to specific verticals that framed solutions in the most relevant and easy-to-digest way for each audience. From in-depth brochures to single-page info sheets, we transformed what was once considered simple leave-behinds into powerful sales tools.

All that’s fit to print.