We brought the stories

behind San Diego’s premier

craft brewery into the spotlight.

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Revealing the stories inside every brew.

A lot goes into crafting a signature beer at Ballast Point. But the most remarkable ingredients are the stories behind it all. Amidst rapid expansion, Ballast Point needed to connect with new audiences while staying true to their ethos—great beer, good people, and authentic storytelling.

EFM tapped into the brewery’s history and culture to uncover their most compelling narratives and share them with beer lovers everywhere. We interviewed just about everyone, from the founders and master brewers, to chemists and distributors, down to tasting room regulars.

Translating hours of captured footage into evocative short films, we told the story of Ballast Point in the words of those closest to the journey.


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An unwavering commitment to quality is what got Ballast Point to where they are, and what keeps them there. It’s a process that starts well before the mash and continues right up to that six-pack sitting on the shelf.

To help this culture of quality shine beyond brewery tours and tap room conversations, we followed the brewing team to Yakima, Washington to see first-hand how they evaluate and select a hop harvest. Then we filmed every layer of the quality process from grain to glass, curating the full story of Ballast Point’s dedication to the craft.

Capturing the craft.

The definitive tale of Sculpin.

Everything started with Sculpin. The beer named after a spiny little fish took Ballast Point from celebrated home brewers to world-famous wunderkind. Sitting down with the original creators, EFM documented what makes Sculpin so special and how it became the definitive IPA.