We brought Pink Taco’s

provocative vibe online.

Pink Taco logo

Serving up a brand new website

Pink Taco adds spice to more than just their food. Dishing out gourmet tacos with bold flair has helped the restaurant build a cult-like following. They’ve won over foodies from LA to New York by satisfying people’s appetite for good food and unique experiences.

But the infamous Pink Taco vibe customers grew to love wasn’t translating to their online presence. EFM stepped in to rebrand their website and bridge the gap between the customer experience in-person vs. online. We launched a new website that allows users in any city to explore locations, each with their own distinct offerings. Now, customers everywhere can get a taste of the Pink Taco experience before they ever walk through the restaurant doors.


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Designing a website that would reflect their true colors, meant we needed to understand Pink Taco from the inside out. Our team visited their flagship location in Los Angeles, where we interviewed customers and employees to gain insights about their experiences with the brand.

During these visits, we found that the design of the restaurant played a significant role in shaping the ambience and overall customer experience. From edgy decorations to vibrant murals, the iconic Pink Taco aesthetic is something we wanted to amplify in the website redesign.

Aside from research on location, we dove into the existing website’s analytics to identify user paths and pain points. This data informed our approach to redesigning the website with a focus on adding the Pink Taco attitude while maintaining functionality.

Finding Pink Taco’s secret sauce.

Bringing the brand’s authentic flavor online.

When it came to revamping the Pink Taco website, we needed to create an online experience that was true to the brand’s unique identity. All while being easy for users to preview locations, browse menus, and order online. Stretching the limits of available assets, we expanded the brand look and feel into a robust digital experience that reflects the atmosphere of each distinct Pink Taco location.

To bring the new website to life, we infused their signature bold colors throughout each page along with the same iconography that adorns their restaurant walls. We paired these graphics with lifestyle imagery that captures the energy and spirit of Pink Taco’s in-restaurant experience. Not only did we entice customers to visit their nearest location, we also made it easy for customers make reservations ahead of time or order takeout online.

As creative partners, we worked closely with the Pink Taco team to ensure the new digital experience would go off without a hitch. While the new website was under development, we maintained and updated their legacy site. This gave us the opportunity to look for areas we could improve upon their existing CMS for greater success in the future.

Launched in tandem with the opening of their newest location in Washington, D.C., the new website is a feast for the eyes. Now foodies near and far can experience the best of Pink Taco—anytime, anywhere.

A fresh recipe for success.


“We appreciate everything you guys have done and have been amazing to work with!”


–Leah Pitman – VP of Marketing