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We gave Astroglide

a sexy new look to

attract untapped customers.

Astroglide logo

Pleasure made personal for Astroglide.

Astroglide was one of the nation’s top three personal lubricant brands. But competition in the retail marketplace was heating up, and this made it harder than ever to stand out. Seeking to rise above the pack, the brand needed to reach new audiences and increase its market share.

EFM spotted an opportunity to target underserved segments, and helped Astroglide evolve to broaden its appeal. We shifted the tone of the brand to one that was more playful, inclusive, and bold—with emphasis on sex-positive themes and dispelling taboos surrounding lube. Across multiple campaigns, digital media, product launches, events, and more, we introduced a different side to Astroglide with high-impact media and creative tailored to individual personas.

The results delivered more than your run-of-the-mill rebrand. In addition to driving engagement and sample requests, we connected Astroglide with consumers long-ignored by competitors, which elevated the brand to the top of the retail podium.


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Out of the gate, our research revealed the untapped potential of LGBT, Hispanic, and Menopausal Female consumers. So we fleshed out intricate personas to pinpoint what would resonate with each specific segment. Guided by these insights, we mapped out the perfect media mix, with placements via high-exposure partners, like Thrilllist, Buzzfeed, and Hulu. Audiences saw uniquely relevant messages directing to landing pages where they could learn about products and request a sample. All while programmatic partners retargeted interested consumers to close the loop.

Make the right impressions.

Working our assets.

This personalized approach required a diverse collection of assets. To make the most of our time with persona-aligned talent, we carried out a hybrid shoot to capture hero imagery, lifestyle candids, and video footage–everything needed for an entire year of creative production across all planned initiatives.

Astroglide did a fine job of conveying the logical value of its products, from safe, natural ingredients to unique features. But so did every other brand on the shelf. Pivoting away from the crowd, we introduced “Your Kind of Sexy” to play up the emotional benefits of personal satisfaction and self-confidence. This 360° campaign delivered persona-specific TV spots, display media, dynamic landing pages, and email programs that drove awareness, engagement, and conversions in the form of sample requests.

Your Kind Of Sexy.

Longer lasting fun.

Sex doesn’t always need to be overtly provocative or evoke late nights. Sometimes we can have a little fun with ourselves too.

As a significant supporter of Pride across the country, Astroglide looked to EFM for a campaign complete with creative assets and yes, even a float to parade in major cities. We also produced Lube Diaries, a series of social videos highlighting real-life lube stories to put any stigma around using the product to bed.