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We moved

The Good Feet Store

in new directions.

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Getting in step with what makes Good Feet different.

A national leader in personally fitted arch supports, The Good Feet Store had built a committed following based on their TV ads featuring customers sharing their own Good Feet stories. And our own research confirmed people place a high priority on hearing how others who faced the same pain found relief.

Still, some key elements of why the product works and what to expect once in-store didn’t always shine through in their previous spots. After more than three years of the same campaign, it was time to rethink their storytelling.

EFM worked hand-in-hand with The Good Feet Store to identify what elements of the campaign were working and which needed a fresh approach. The end result was a new set of Good Feet stories designed to deliver more critical information and engage more audiences, without giving up the intimacy and relatability of a story well-told.


Audience Insights, Campaign Strategy, Creative Storytelling, Graphic Design, Pre-Production, Video & Motion Post-Production

Pain is personal, and nothing speaks to that reality better than real people’s experiences. We didn’t think it would be smart to give that up. But we also knew there’s always more than one side to any story.

With that in mind, we looked to cast customers together with the people at their side when they finally found the relief they’d been seeking: Wives, mothers, and the Good Feet salespeople who had personally fit them.

Juxtaposing these stories helped paint a fuller picture not only of what happens once a customer walks in, but how the benefits of alleviating one person’s pain ripples across entire families.

More sides
to the story.

The foot bone’s connected to the
knee bone…

One piece of feedback the folks at The Good Feet Store had regularly heard from franchisees was that more people would seek out arch supports if they understood why they help alleviate not just foot pain, but hip, knee, and lower back pain, too.

Understanding that trust was critical to our audiences, we enlisted an expert in how the body moves to explain all the ways the foot really is the foundation of the whole body.

Building on the personal storytelling style of the campaign, we created a set of ads within the campaign that satisfied franchisee’s need for something more informational, without feeling cold and clinical.


12 TV spots in rotation

20 On-camera customer interviews

10+ Hours of video for additional testimonial videos