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We made Neato’s

innovation shine through

user experience.

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Spring cleaning for the digital space.

Neato Robotics designs smart, intuitive robot vacuums that improve everyday life. But their online presence didn’t reflect this. In fact, for such a tech-forward category, many brands in the space often fell short with websites that prioritized eComm over engaging consumers in any meaningful way. The new needed to cement the value of Neato innovation and its offerings, while making it easy to explore, shop, and compare options on any device.

EFM completely reimagined the Neato website. Using data from a wealth of audience research, our team mapped out the strongest drivers for each segment and the most relevant information at every step in the user journey. Then, we pulled it all into a streamlined user experience, retooling content from across the site to give visitors clear paths to the content, products, and support they need. On desktop or mobile, and in multiple languages worldwide, the new delivers everything a customer needs to discover Neato, robot vacuums, and the unique features that make this brand perfect for their lifestyle.


UX Strategy, UI Design, Prototyping, Copyediting, Journey Mapping

The original asked a lot of visitors. Multiple clicks to browse products, key content buried within interior pages—these were all obstacles in the way.

We restructured the site’s navigation, so customers could quickly find relevant information like app support. This included a new visual sub-nav for direct access to featured products. In line with minimizing barriers to entry, we designed a new homepage that presented brand messaging, lifestyle imagery, and tools for comparison shopping all up front.

Clearer paths, fewer hurdles.

A fine tuned shopping experience.

We knew we had to strike a delicate balance with product detail pages. Presenting too much content up front and asking shoppers to scroll endlessly simply invites drop offs. On the other hand, customers need enough information to inform their decisions.

We developed concise yet comprehensive templates, converting lengthy existing verbiage into highly visual sections of easy-to-digest content. Visitors could skim key features and reasons to buy or dive deeper into detailed specifications, consumer reviews, and quotes from trusted publications. All the while, quick links on each page made it simple for all audiences to find exactly what they need, from compatible accessories to product support.

To further empower decision-making, we replaced the old, static comparison chart with a new feature that allowed multiple models to be tagged and compared side-by-side.

Showing innovation in action.

Talking about features and specs only goes so far. But the right imagery speaks volumes.

Shooting our own custom assets, we leveraged product photography across the site to showcase Neato vacuums. We also created illustrated infographics that called out key differentiators like the D-shape design, mobile app, and smart home integrations. Together, these visuals allowed audiences to see the beauty of Neato innovation
inside and out.

Poring over the audience research, we identified the most effective emotional drivers and purchase triggers for our tech-forward audiences. This made it possible to build an intuitive tool that helped customers find the right model for their specific needs. From new homeowners, to families with kids or pets, any shopper could simply answer a few questions to get personalized recommendations.

Tailored for shopper discovery.

Support made simple.

Technology and support go hand-in-hand. Working within an existing Zendesk framework, we reorganized Neato’s support ecosystem to remove content barriers and bring the most common topics front and center. Visitors could now view frequently asked questions, How-To guides, and even the warranty status for their purchases—all without needing to open multiple tabs or ever leave the site.


“This is one of the best designs I’ve ever seen. Everything is clear and any question I had was answered in the navigation of the prototype.”


–Neato team developer