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An agency is only

as good as its people.

Good thing our folks

are the real deal.

An agency is only as good as its people. Good thing our folks are the real deal.

Design Element Matrix Triangle in Lavender.

Our crew is seasoned, agile,

and ready to tackle any challenge

For over 20 years, our close-knit San Diego agency has empowered clients to put their customers first. And we love every second of it. Building partnerships on candor and mutual respect. Combining strategic vision with creative firepower. Connecting business goals and audiences in ways that make people think, feel, and act.


Latino and woman leaders

Javier Iniguez

President & CCO

President & CCO

What is your leadership philosophy?

“Be good, do good.” These are the words that guide my life, work, everything. Whether it’s nurturing the talents of others or supporting their growth both personally and professionally, I always strive to be a positive influence for everyone around me—in and out of the office.

Experiences For Mankind was built on late nights, sweat, and a little more than a few tears. So I truly consider my team as family, even if it goes against conventional wisdom. As a partner, my approach is to set an example by championing and living up to my values. Honesty. Accountability. Collaboration. Treating people the way they would want, and deserve, to be treated.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Surround yourself with points of view that differ from your own. Listen more than you speak. Measure success not by the end product, but by the lessons learned, relationships built, and obstacles you overcome along the way.

Morgan Graham

Partner & CXO

Partner & CXO

What does your average day look like?

My every day is making magic happen with purpose behind every step – unwinding marketing challenges with clients, fostering individual development with team members, and creating an agency environment our team wants to thrive in.

As our master of chaos prevention, I know there is a balance within control and serendipity. It’s also incredibly hard to achieve. In developing processes, recognizing opportunities, and providing a direction to move forward, I hope to provide the space necessary for insights and creativity that each team member knows they can achieve.


What does it take to succeed in client services?

Care, candor, and curiosity. They’re the underpinnings of our own client services team for a great reason – each are qualities we have to live to ensure our clients trust in what we do every day. Patience is also required. The day can throw so much at us, and we have to roll with it.


All the know-how to deliver on any what-if


All the know-how to deliver on any what-if

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Design Element Matrix Triangle in Lavender.

Life at EFM

It’s true. We spend a lot of time together. But when you enjoy what you do and the company you keep, who’s counting?

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