Here’s a question: What’s the business benefit of an endcap?

Most people will say that an endcap – or any retail display – is an opportunity to tell your product’s story in more detail than is usually possible on the retail floor. A well-designed endcap differentiates your products from your competitors at precisely the moment shoppers are making their purchase decisions.

That, of course, should help grow sales.

And an endcap will help sell product, but not simply because of the story it tells.

An endcap’s true opportunity–and where it can pay its greatest dividends–is when it expands your brand’s retail assortment. Think about it. If your company is able to push just one more product onto the floor at a major retailer, you probably just added millions of dollars in revenue.

Can an endcap drive expanded product assortments? Sure it can.

We worked with one client, for example, that was able to add two high-margin accessories to its Best Buy assortment by including them in a big endcap. And it doesn’t have to be an endcap.

Another company we know nearly doubled its product assortment at Walmart simply by investing in a cardboard inline display. So the next time you’re planning a new retail display, have two questions in mind.

First, ask if any of the included products will only be available in that floor display. If so, you may want to boost its visibility or wrap a little story around it.

If the answer is no, you now have your second question: 

“Can we get an exclusive in there? It would give us an even better story to tell.”