In the agency world, it can be very easy to get swept up in KPIs, looming deadlines and endless rounds of revisions. But it’s important to remember that we can also apply our considerable resources and skills to accomplish a lot more than business objectives.

At EFM, we believe in putting our talents to work in support of great causes. Our latest passion project? Partnering with the Seany Foundation - an organization that brings hope and happiness to kids affected by cancer.

When we first learned about the Seany Foundation’s Reach For The Sky Camp, we knew we could help them drive awareness and raise support. So we invested as an agency and collaborated with their team in creating a series of videos to premiere at their 8th Annual Everything Is Possible Celebration. The project required some sweaty shoot days and many late nights spent in editing. But in the end, the work we did proved tremendously rewarding for all involved.

EFM Video Editor, Kyle Bronson, sums it all up best, “Being able to go up to camp and interact with all these amazing children has given me a whole new perspective. It’s actually inspired me to pursue volunteering with them outside of the agency in the future.”

To make it easier for Kyle and other team members to get involved with causes like the Seany Foundation, we’ve implemented policies to encourage giving back. From offering days off for volunteer opportunities to allowing employees to pitch their own passion projects with our EFM PURPOSE program, these efforts further our own purpose as an agency – creating meaningful experiences and making a difference in the world.