Mth Degree and Experiences For Mankind (EFM) announced this week that they are combining their marketing and digital services. The joined offering will fall under the EFM brand umbrella. Mth Degree, and its Founder and President Steven Morris, will continue to deliver brand strategy services under the Mth Degree brand.

Mth Degree is a brand strategy agency, founded in 1994, with extensive experience in consumer products, consumer electronics, education, government and non-profit brands. Their expertise in building “better brands, better business and better life” has been at the foundation of their work for over two decades.

“We are thrilled to combine the marketing and digital services of Mth Degree with the team at EFM. Our longstanding alignment in purpose-driven marketing, digital, and retail services will position us to better serve the evolving needs of our clients and their customers.” Steven Morris stated.

Experiences For Mankind (EFM) is a San Diego-based agency that provides brands the strategic and creative expertise to propel people and ideas into action. EFM has worked extensively across the consumer electronics, hospitality, retail, and specialty healthcare categories.

“Our mutual belief in creating meaningful experiences for the customers of our clients is paramount to our focus and success. With Mth Degree, we have a shared commitment to serve businesses that offer valuable products and services to the world. This collaboration amplifies our collective work and services, giving our clients the combined expertise to develop the foundational elements needed to become a more personable, relatable brand, and then execute intentional creative that brings those elements to life,” stated Javier Iniguez, EFM, President & CCO.

Through this combined offering and collective 43 years of business experience will translate to more valuable solutions for brands and their audiences. EFM and Mth Degree are aligned in their belief that the best brand experiences are those that transform business goals into clear, strategic initiatives without losing their human element. These experiences are designed to connect with audiences throughout their journey, using the right combination of technology, creative and touch points.

Mth Degree will transition solely into a brand consultancy, providing brand strategy services, services for brand evolution, and guidance for brand implementation and adoption, under the expertise of Steven Morris. His forthcoming book The Evolved Brand will be at the heart of his brand strategy work. Steven will serve on the leadership advisory team of EFM.