EFM designers are always on the lookout for new tips and tricks that help them save time and eliminate hassle. So we asked them to share the apps and software they absolutely couldn’t live without. The verdict is in: here are the top 7 designer tools they’ll be using throughout 2016.

1. Little Ipsum

What it is: A Latin text generator for Macs.

Why it's indispensable: It's an easily accessible tool that lets you quickly grab specified lines of lorem ipsum to plug into your working files.


2. Paparazzi

What it is: A program that takes screenshots of entire websites.

Why it's indispensable: You can save a jpeg of a site at its current, real size.


3. Adobe Preview

What it is: An app that enables you to preview designs on multiple iOS devices, accurately and simultaneously.

Why it's indispensable: You can live-preview your responsive designs as they would appear on both a tablet and iPhone, all while you’re making edits in Photoshop. This way, you can test your designs and ensure that they display correctly on multiple devices, without having to wait until the development stage.


4. InVision App

What it is: A prototyping tool for web design.

Why it's indispensable: It syncs with your Photoshop files to create an interactive view of your designs that you can easily share with clients. You can set up hot links in the app to make buttons clickable, so your design performs as it would if it were live.


5. Tiny PNG 

What it is: Advanced lossy compression for PNG images that preserves full alpha transparency.

Why it's indispensable: It's a super file compressor that doesn't disintegrate quality when every pixel counts.


6. Office Lens 

What it is: An app that lets you scan your work.

Why it's indispensable: It’s an easy and seamless way to scan your sketches anywhere, anytime.


7. Freshbooks 

What it is: Small business accounting software.

Why it's indispensable: It’s a handy web/app-based project management and bookkeeping tool that simplifies the financial side of design for freelancers.