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Plan Your Video Shoot Like a Photo Shoot

Think back to your last photo shoot. You probably got five solid photos out of it. Maybe, even ten. Either way, you ended up with some diverse selects – a few specifically focused on product, a couple lifestyle images, one or two for social, and the rest to use for a series of planned display ads. You planned ahead, identified the use cases, and shot to that plan. You did what you were suppo...

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If it’s gonna break….

Ever worked a trade show where something didn’t go as planned? Even if everything else was perfect, everyone was probably buzzing about the thing that broke. And that presentation you put together…. Were your genius insights overshadowed when the embedded video froze your PC as soon as you clicked on it? What’s most painful about these experiences is that you were there, hoping ...

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Forget content marketing. The future is branded media.

Sure, content marketing is an effective tactic for both B2B and B2C brands. We all know it can help improve search engine rankings, engagement with target audiences, and a brand’s reputation as an industry thought leader. However, many brands still approach content marketing by simply creating (or appropriating) “content” and sharing it via social media, CRM channels, and owned w...

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Better Content Equals Better Retail Displays

Your new retail display project is going well. You’ve secured the floor space, finalized the product mix, and engaged your agency to develop concepts. You may even be ahead of schedule and under budget. Then, your vendor calls… They want to know when you’ll send content for the display. Uh-oh. All too often, retail is the afterthought in marketing comms. How many times have you ...

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