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Should marketers be fighting online privacy?

Recently, Washington officially nixed rules that would have required ISPs to seek permission before selling customers' browsing history. Of course, selling user data is nothing new–it’s a critical part of Facebook and Google’s business models. But with the repeal of the rules–which had yet to go into effect–internet providers could sell not just demographic infor...

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Unpacking Dent 2017

For the third year in a row, I’m back in my office with an overwhelming number of vibrant thoughts from Dent. At the moment, they’re not quite connecting — more like colliding — their way to new perspectives which will influence myself and the agency for the rest of the year. It's part of the Dent power, as anyone who has attended knows. The post-Dent effect is equa...

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How To Be Heard On Social

Have something to say? Social media can put the word out. Obvious, right? But getting in front of the right people isn’t so cut and dry. Today, finding the ideal platform goes beyond deciding between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the rest. Selecting the best approach can speak louder than words. With so many new ways to engage, here’s how the latest trends in social media can help y...

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The Next Great Innovation Frontier

Extraordinary innovation has completely transformed marketing over the last few decades. Driven by technology, everything from media planning and buying, to consumer purchase journeys, to the ways we engage audiences has come miles beyond what was possible just 20 years ago. Of course, at the core of all this innovation is the internet. And what makes the web so quick to innovate is data. Analytic...

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