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The Next Great Innovation Frontier

Extraordinary innovation has completely transformed marketing over the last few decades. Driven by technology, everything from media planning and buying, to consumer purchase journeys, to the ways we engage audiences has come miles beyond what was possible just 20 years ago. Of course, at the core of all this innovation is the internet. And what makes the web so quick to innovate is data. Analytic...

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When It Comes to Creative, Quality Matters

Some of us at EFM still remember when the internet was uncharted marketing territory. Back when the clear majority of advertising budgets were spent on traditional TV, print, branding and printed collateral. Those days are long gone. And that’s a good thing. With a lower cost of entry, digital offers a much more accessible way to get your message out to the masses and, more importantly, your...

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Plan Your Video Shoot Like a Photo Shoot

Think back to your last photo shoot. You probably got five solid photos out of it. Maybe, even ten. Either way, you ended up with some diverse selects – a few specifically focused on product, a couple lifestyle images, one or two for social, and the rest to use for a series of planned display ads. You planned ahead, identified the use cases, and shot to that plan. You did what you were suppo...

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If it’s gonna break….

Ever worked a trade show where something didn’t go as planned? Even if everything else was perfect, everyone was probably buzzing about the thing that broke. And that presentation you put together…. Were your genius insights overshadowed when the embedded video froze your PC as soon as you clicked on it? What’s most painful about these experiences is that you were there, hoping ...

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